To increase Sennheiser brand recognition and to inform current and potential consumers of premium line Bluetooth headphones. 

The Holding of a VK and Facebook competition for the provision of creative photos with the engagement of a star-studded jury and the drawing of wireless headphones models (M2 AEBT, M2 OEBT, PXC 550 or Urbanite XL Wireless). Also the main prize was drawn from among the selected participants — a voucher for traveling with the best travel photographers to one of the most picturesque corners of our country.



The task for the competitors: to post a photo on Instagram related to the enjoyment of new discoveries/creations/music from a trip or day to day life, that might be called «Enjoy freedom».

Purpose: to present the headphones universality and comfort for everyday use. The number of images/situations and the creativity of work were under evaluation.

Competition duration: 3 months. Every month intermediate results were assessed and the participants with the best work were awarded with wireless headphones, and in the final of the competition the main prize was drawn between the winners — a voucher for a trip with the best travel-photographers.

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