The Abrau Durso trip guide in your pocket!

The Abrau Durso vine tourism centre mobile application is an interactive guide to all the attractions of the resort.

A description of all sightseeing points with the ability to build a route to them.A navigator for hiking routes, as well as routes for jeeping and quad riding. A panic button function for if you get lost. The possibility to contact the administration to book a hotel or a restaurant.


Work on improvement

We are currently working on modernization of the program. We plan to make not only a guide or a navigator, but a club mobile application, that will motivate tourists to buy the resort’s products. With discounts and bonus points that would be accumulated in the application for future visits and purchases. Game elements will also be integrated. But the details are still under development.

In addition, read an article in our blog about development of the application for the resort:

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