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RUCOM in March 2016 RUCOM held a trial engagement of Moscow State University students to job training. The experience appeared to be interesting both to the University and to our agency, and as a result additional agreements were created for cooperation with MSU, MRSSU (Moscow Regional Social State University) and USTU (Ulyanovsk State Technical University).


In June 2017 RUCOM signed a contract with NRU HSE for provision to the students of the opportunity to undergo job training. For this we would like to express our special gratitude to Mrs. Rimma Igorevna Pogodina. 
The students who have already completed job training in RUCOM, were not only introduced to basic advertising technologies, but could take part in integrated campaigns utilizing musical market mechanics, in development of mobile applications utilizing artificial intelligence and projects.

Our agency is based on a diversified package of client services, allowing the interns to become familiar with all stages of advertising product production, as well as disclosing to them a variety of opportunities for further professional development.
 If you represent a university and would like RUCOM to become your partner for provision of job training vacancies for the students, kindly connect us by e-mail: submit a request.
 If you are a student who would like to participate in job training in RUCOM, kindly contact us by-email: apply.


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