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Task and solution

 The Sennheiser company introduced the compact Ambeo Smart Headset, which allows the recording of sound in a 3D format.
The headset records surround and realistic sound exquisitely. It opens up the opportunity to not only be seen, but to be heard as well.

Our task was to introduce the product to the market. But how is it possible to disclose the unique technology without you trying it first? We have invited a lot of creative people from different fields to participate in the #starringsound competition, within the framework of which it was required to reconsider the sound significance in their creativity by using the Ambeo Smart Headset.

During the course of three months, representatives of various creative professions (artists, photographers, musicians, sportsmen, bloggers, etc.) not only tested the 3D technology of sound recording within the framework of the competition, but also competed for valuable awards from Sennheiser. 

The first participants have succeeded in recording such interesting and exciting videos using Ambeo technology, that by the end of the stage we’ve received a flurry of applications for participation in further stages.
The competition was supported by famous bloggers and actors.
At the end of the third stage of the project we received over 200 unique video works with surround sound recorded with Ambeo.

Achieved goals and KPI following the launch

Final indicators:
- 200 participants
- 236 participants’ publications with hashtag #Starringsound
- outreach – 15 408 590
- likes/comments/reposts– 219 836

UGC - over 200 video clips, disclosing ASH technology and introducing the product to the audience

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