We suggest you consider the process of the creation of publications for social networks of the Centre of the Traffic Organization using a sample publication related to the Road Patrol.

Stages of work:

First stage — newsworthy event creation.
The citizens of Moscow wonder: how does the Road Patrol work? How do the inspectors perform their job? Is it possible to call them? Is it free of charge or not? It is necessary to describe the mechanics of the Road Patrol work based on these questions.

Second stage — communication development.
We develop the idea for publication: we demonstrate the Road Patrol working principles in an interactive format with emergency situations visualization.

Third stage — sketches and materials development.
A separate sketch is created for each situation: 1) How the Road Patrol becomes aware of the road situation and where the signal comes from, 2) How the response takes place, 3) How the patrol is carried out and dangerous situations are identified.

Fourth stage — animation.
Approved sketches are finalized and detailed. We bring static images to life, verify the seamless run of the successive stories.

Fifth stage — publication and feedback collection
Publication is posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK.

After posting, we reply to questions from the subscribers, collect and analyse the feedback received. 

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