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RUCOM — communication agency, creating integrated PR and GR communications. Our intellectual activity in the marketing area — development of beliefs in national and business interests.


Video clips
Brand strategies


Media content


Product design
Print work

Strategic planning of advertising campaigns:
• Brand research in digital area
• Audience research in digital area
• Development of brand digital platform
• Development of integrated campaigns strategy
• Brand strategy in social media
• Development of e-commerce strategy
• Development of mobile market strategy
• Digital projects monetization strategy

Ideas. Creative approach. Creative concepts.
• Development of digital campaigns creative strategy
• Development of visual communication for advertising campaign
• Development of content and promotion ideas for social media
• Development of on-line games concepts
• Development of interface concepts for mobile devices
• Development of mailing and crm concepts
• Development of web video campaigns concepts
• Development of concepts for media advertising on internet
• Banner advertising

• Design development (digital, motion-design, presentations, 3d, posm, etc)
• Development of advertising promo-sites
• Development for mobile platforms, portals and crm systems, online shops.
• Development of portals and crm-systems, online shops
• Development of banners (of any complexity, including interactive ones)
• Development of interactive presentations (ppt/ mp4 / keynote )
• Development of applications for social media ( fb.com / vk.com / odnoklassniki)
• Provision of foto sets of any complexity
• Video production, post video production
• btl services/non-standard
• Brand support in social media, blogs

• Development of social instruments for scaling of the effect of knowledge of the project
• Media planning of banner campaign
• Media planning of advertising on mobile devices
• Media planning of video advertising in digital
• PPC advertising media planning
• Data seeding through bloggers
• seo

• Development of the brand creative concept with participation of a celebrity
• Selection and management of participation of a musician in the advertising campaign
• Selection and management of participation of a famous sportsman/woman in the advertising campaign
• Selection and management of participation of a famous actor in the advertising campaign
• Selection and management of participation of Instagram-bloggers in the advertising campaign
• Development of new product with participation of a celebrity

PR и GR:
• PR strategy development
• Media monitoring and analysis
• Press-releases development
• Holding of press conferences
• Holding of forums and panels
• Large data analysis


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